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On Saturday, 19th February 2005, the weather is good in Kabun Baru, Kayu aro, Kerinci regency, this village is at the steep of the hill and is the nearest place to Rawa Ladeh Panjang in 09.00, Expedition team moved to Rawa Ladeh Panjang. These team are, Wijaya Kusuma, Wira Syahreza, and Mr. Abas.
The first route, we pass through a small path through some farmings, but Mr. Abas feel doubt about route condition, because the route is rather change.
Many of wild cutter of tree and wild hunter make some new path, so the route become cross over. After two hours, Mr. Abas find right route, but the problem had not over yet, because one of our friend got stomachache.
After one hour, through the dark forest. we find a river at 14.00 at Pandan Dewa area. All the journey to Pandan Dewa, we can see a pure tropical forest. A wet forest, keeping many kinds of flora and fauna, according to Mr. Abas explanation Pandan Dewa river come from a name of flower “ Pandan” more than one hundred years old, after take a rest for a moment, and wait for recovering of our friend and then we continue our journey. And in front of us we see sulfur mount and smell its specific aroma.
The journey on the back of the hill is about for two hours. And after that we looking for strategic place for erecting tend so that our friend can take a rest well. At 17.30 we arrive at Sulak besar river and make a camp here and Ladeh Panjang is about two hours. But we decide to continue tomorrow.
The night is so cool, after briefing for tomorrow activity, the feeling of tired and sleepy insist us for sleep. some of our friend said, they heard hard foot steep around our camp. Many kind of imagination appear on our mind. So we still be careful
After 08.00 am we continue our journey to Rawa Ladeh Panjang, and the journey time more than two hours.
Rawa Ladeh panjang is the highest wetland in Southeast Asia. It is height 1.905 m dpl. Most of the surface of this swamp are covered by “ Bento” Grass, this is a place for many kind of animal to drink and eat for example: Sumatran Tiger, Bear, Deer, Goat and many other. And we also find many kinds of birds. This swamp is surrounded by many mounts, for examples, Mount Terambun, Mount Kapur, and Mount Patah Sembilan, there are also, we see two lakes, that are Lake Singkarak and Lake Sakti.
Boedi Poernomo.

Farming at the edge of hill
Basically Kerinci Society are farmers. This activity has been progress for a long time. New era and modernize have bad effect for them so they find new farm to cultivate. The existing of TNKS is threaten by this new pattern. And personal interest be main priority
The cutting of the forest make habitat of flora and fauna are annihilated. We could see many kind of animal, but now we just hear the sound of saw machine every where. It is very tragic.

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