Thursday, October 23, 2008

Culture is human intrinsic values
It oriented to human and its environment.
Art is penetration to support culture development universally as an alternative

The destination of Kerinci Government to blend tourism and culture are interesting package for tourist and also for the artist. Kerinci is dominant with its ethnicity as positive respond for development. Education – art is one of them – is one of main factor in supporting of developing. This asset can be big asset, if there is harmony relation between society, government and the artist, and Kerinci has unique culture, of course this unique culture can be good contribution for Indonesian encyclopedia especially for the culture.
This culture activity explorer must be handle seriously. Geographic position of Kerinci is far away from center of culture development. The main problem of this area are information and communication, this thing will be very potential in keeping Kerinci society tradition for adding about national culture reference.
Art for Kerinci people is life. Because art activity is routine activity, realize or not realize, this condition are continue from one generation to next generation. This thing will be an factual observation as accumulation of talent.

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