Thursday, October 23, 2008

NGO – For the Culture of Kerinci

NGO – For the Culture of Kerinci is institution of society was established on 9 June 6, 1999. The main focus of this NGO is to keep the local culture and traditional culture and gives. Its contribution for environment conservation and improve knowledge quality of society in culture perspective as a part of life. In six years of its journey, in the middle of culture crisis for young generation in this country. This NGO is still walking slowly. Slow but sure. And it always studies the culture of society. In doing its activity, this NGO is not affiliation with any party. It just cares about social life. This NGO is always try walking in its way to revitalize traditional culture of Kerinci. Excavation of history and archeology, environment and conservation, local culture approach and the wisdom of local tradition, seminar and workshop, publishing, educating and training for society for improve the quality of human resource. Revitalize spritual culture, religion, custom, art drama, exhibition , documentation.

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