Sunday, October 26, 2008


So many wetlands of Kerinci nature, for examples Lake Kerinci, Lake Seven Mountain, Lake Lingkat, Lake Sati, Lake Duo, Ladeh Panjang Swamp and Bento Swamp and the rivers.
There is a unique thing at Bento Swamp, in this swamp there are many kinds of fish can eat as consumption although the water of this swamp are blended by sulfur. Bento swamp are turf area. It is the widest turf at TNKS about 1000 hectare. A part of Bento Swamp is Sungai Dalam Village. Kayu aro District, Kerinci Regency.
Kerinci Regency is an area that has the richness of traditional life and variation of Local community, one of their life are still depend to the nature. Mr. Jhon is one of swamp man who use swamp as his income. Everyday he installs fish trap by his canoe through the swamp and forest. And Mr. Jhon is one of farmers depend his life to that swamp.
One a week Mr Jhon usually can get three “Canting” of fish one “ Canting” is about Rp. 200.000, this man has five wives and four employees. Every employee gets Rp. 10.000 Salary a day.
Social condition of Kerinci people in the middle of globalization is easy to adapt. Generally, Kerinci people get information from newspaper, magazine, radio or television. So their assumption is influence by the media. They do not want to find a realistic fact. Of course this condition make Kerinci people different with their real culture.
Development of culture is not only on visualization level but to morality of society life as reflection of civilize society. Aristoteles said art is imitation of nature and use for education, recreation, contemplation media. It is mean the rule of art as media for creator to give a picture of life that happened in our society and the right stimulating to understand the value of social culture and art.

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