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Based on the believe of the fore parents stated in "Tambo", news and ancients proverbs, it can be said that to judge "Tambo" was containing 2% the truth and 98% mithology is trully reasonable.According to Proff. Kern, the first nation came firstly to the Southern of Khatulistiwa (Minangkabau) was said "Proto Meleiers" or the old Malay, than came "Deuto Meleiers" or the Young Malay. Generally "Nusantara" once was came by nations from Campa, Kampuchea and Kochin.
And according to "Tambo" of Minangkabau, the fore father of Minangkabau was Sultan Maharajo Dirajo. Who had sailed with his followers Cati Bilang Pandai which was well known with the name Tukang Sibak Ulai, and the four skilled escort in self defence, Kuciang Siam, Harimau Campo, Kambiang Hutan and Anjieng mualim. The had sailed along the Lakadewa Island passing Serindit and Langgapuri or Ceylon straight to Gold archipel and harboured in the Merapi Volcano.
Sultan Maharajo Dirajo was the son of Iskandar Zulkarnain (Alexander Grote). Alexander Grote or the Great Alexander was the greatest kingdom's king in Masedonia (Athen) 365 - 323 Bc. He was the pupil of Aristoteles 384 - 323 Bc. While Aristoteles was the pupil of plato 427 - 347 Bc. Alexander Grote married to a prnces of Ruhum (East Rome). From this married he was inherited three sons, named; Sultan Maharajo Alif, Sultan Maharajo Depang (Dipang) and Sultan Maharajo Dirajo.
Before the death of Iskandar Zulkarnain (Alexander Grote), he has assigned his son Sultan Maharajo Alif to leave for Ruhum (East Rome) to govern it, while Sultan Maharajo Dipang had been assigned to China to govern it and Sultan Maharajo Dirajo had been assigned to came to an island in the southern of Equator.As it had stated earlier, Sultan maharajo dirajo was set with his followers along Lakadewa passing Serindit or Langgapuri straight to the Gold Island or Jawa Alkibri which is now is named Sumatera (Andalas).
Among the followers there were Cati Bilang Pandai or named Tukang Sibak Ulai, and the four escort Kuciang siam, Harimau Campo, Kambiang Hutan and Anjieng Mualim. The four were the champion of self defence from their own region. They were not animal although were named with animal Kuciang (Cat), Harimau (Tiger), Kambiang (Goat) and Anjieng (Dog). They were totally human being that were named is accordance to their style of skill in self defence.
After harbouring to the Andalas island the journey was straighted to the slope of Merapi Volcano and this was the beginning of the dwelling of Sultan Maharajo Dirajo in the slope of Merapi. And the first home of theirs was named Galundi Nanbaselo.Sultan Maharajo Dirajo has four doughters and a niece called Indah Juita. The four doughters of Sultan Maharajo Dirajo ware married to his followers while his niece was married to Sangsepurbha. Sangsepurbha was the name derived from the Greek word means Suprabha who came from "Kula Warga Sri Sailendra Kaundinya" from Bukit Siguntang (Mahameru). From the marriage of Sang Sepurbha and Indah Juita they were inherited a son named Dt. Perpatiah Nan Sabatang.After the death of Sang Sepurbha, the widow Indah Juita married to Cati Bilang Pandai, and from their marreid they had two sons, Dt. ketumanggungan and Dt. Suri Dirajo. Of the three sons of Indah Juita, Dt. Ketumanggungan and Dt. Perpatiah Nan Sabatang were found of goverment and politic, while Dt. Suri Dirajo was found of military (force) and it was Dt. Suri Dirajo who created the science of self defence in Minangkabau which now is well known with the name of Silek (Silat)

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