Saturday, May 2, 2009

archaeological campaign in Kerinci

The highland of Kerinci is situated south of the equator in the West of Sumatra. Toponym of the region is the Gunung Kerinci in the North, the highest volcano on Sumatra of 3085m and the Kerinci-lake in the South on 783 above sea level. In the past the region was an important provider of mineral resources and forest products. Gold, ivory and the luxury goods of benzoin and camphor are mentioned in Chinese, Indian and Arabic sources.
With the access to these goods for instance in the 7th century the Srivijaya Empire, situated in the lowland of Sumatra, gained an important rise as the central see emporium of the Indian Ocean. For Kerinci the oldest historical sources are not older than the 18th century. Older devices of settlement activities are the archaeological remains like ceramics, stone artefacts and numerous megaliths.

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